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My name is Jessica May. I'm excited to share the excitement of the journey of the purchase of our new home. Well my husband and I decided to purchase our new home in the beginning of November 2021 and luckily my husband knew someone that could help us get in contact with the correct person. That is when Ruth P. made an appearance. So the journey begin, we talked to her over the phone, and explained to us how she worked and how she would like to meet us. In the meeting she told us how she worked and what were our expectations of our new home. After that first meeting I knew we were with the correct person to direct us on buying on our new home. It took us from beginning to end around 5 to 6 weeks to find our our home and sign and everything. Ruth P. helped us a lot and made everything go smooth. She works with you if you want a to purchase a house fast, she will definitely be on top of it. She's fast, hard working, and has contacts to make your home purchase be smooth and fast if it's the route that you want to take. Overall the experience we had with her was great and we wouldn't doubt on recommending her. We were so satisfied and her work talks for her.

- Jessica May (Review sent via email)

My husband Chuck and I recently bought a home and thankfully we chose Ruth Petentler to be our realtor. Ruth was very professional about seeing that all the paperwork was completed accurately and communicating with us concerning all of the details. We are very happy concerning our home buying experience!

- Donna P. (Review sent via email))

Buenos días mi nombre es Lourdes Chávez, hace dos años quise comprar una casa y mi nieta Ariannis Hernández me dio una agente que se llama Ruth, me puse en contacto con ella y muy amable me ayudó a buscar la casa por un tiempo que fueron casi más de dos meses porque a mi no me gustaba ninguna de las que fuimos a ver pero con mucha paciencia Ruth me llevaba a ver más casas hasta que encontré en la qué hoy vivo. Le agradezco su atención , su amabilidad y se la recomiendo a mis amigos como una agente muy profesional y mucha paciencia con sus compradores Y si algún día quisiera vender mi casa la buscaría para que me ayudara.

- Lourdes Chavez (Review sent via msm)



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